1// Copyright 2010 the V8 project authors. All rights reserved.
2// Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style license that can be
3// found in the LICENSE file.
5#ifndef V8_GDB_JIT_H_
6#define V8_GDB_JIT_H_
8#include "include/v8.h"
11// GDB has two ways of interacting with JIT code. With the "JIT compilation
12// interface", V8 can tell GDB when it emits JIT code. Unfortunately to do so,
13// it has to create platform-native object files, possibly with platform-native
14// debugging information. Currently only ELF and Mach-O are supported, which
15// limits this interface to Linux and Mac OS. This JIT compilation interface
16// was introduced in GDB 7.0. V8 support can be enabled with the --gdbjit flag.
18// The other way that GDB can know about V8 code is via the "custom JIT reader"
19// interface, in which a GDB extension parses V8's private data to determine the
20// function, file, and line of a JIT frame, and how to unwind those frames.
21// This interface was introduced in GDB 7.6. This interface still relies on V8
22// to register its code via the JIT compilation interface, but doesn't require
23// that V8 create ELF images. Support will be added for this interface in the
24// future.
27namespace v8 {
28namespace internal {
29namespace GDBJITInterface {
31// JitCodeEventHandler that creates ELF/Mach-O objects and registers them with
32// GDB.
33void EventHandler(const v8::JitCodeEvent* event);
35} // namespace GDBJITInterface
36} // namespace internal
37} // namespace v8
39#endif // V8_GDB_JIT_H_